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Football’s Most Iconic Hairstyles

Footballers are known for their extravagant hairstyles, but which were the most iconic and memorable of them all? 👱🏻😲👏



Football players are renowned for their attempts to differentiate themselves from other players. One of the most obvious ways in which they do so is via their hairstyle!

We’ve seen many amazing, bizarre and ridiculous styles over the years – from mullets to perms to ponytails to mohawks – but which deserve makes it into our list of most iconic ever???

18. Kevin Keegan

Credit: Source

Kevin Keegan just exudes 80’s in this shot. He donned that perm with such confidence, but only now do we see the error of his ways.

17. Roberto Baggio

Credit: Source

Baggio’s ponytail/mullet combo is one of the most iconic hairstyles on this list. This monstrosity was not a short-term accident, but just one in a series of stand out styles from throughout his storied career.

Some say, his 1994 World Cup Final penalty miss was all down to his hair. A strong crosswind swung his mullet across his face and into his eye, causing him temporary loss of vision and resulted in him skying the ball far over the crossbar. Ever since, players have stayed away from this style in fear of similar repercussions.

16. David Beckham

Credit: Source

Beckham had more hairstyles during his career than most people have had hot dinners. Skin head, spikey, blonde, mohawk, fade… he’s had them all! But of all his styles, this blonde dip-dyed spikey comb over assortment is the most iconic of them all!

15. Ronaldinho

Credit: Source

Those twirls are as synonymous with Ronaldinho as carnival is to his native Brazil. Apart from his teeth, this is the easiest way to identify the cult figure.

14. Abel Xavier

Credit: Source

Need I say more? If for no other reason, respect should be paid for the effort alone!

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