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Footballers Expertly Combating Racism

The beautiful game continues to be tarred by ugly racism and bigotry. No player should ever receive this kind of abuse from fellow players or fans. Here are 3 instances in which it was combated perfectly! 🙅‍♂️❌



Racism remains the game’s biggest issue, and one of the saddest and most regrettable elements of football. Players all over the World, and in particular Europe, have suffered racist abuse from rival fans whilst doing their job on the field.

In all instances, it’s a sad sight, but some players have taken a stand or otherwise bested the racists with incredible actions. Here are 5 of the best and most iconic!

1. Dani Alves Mid-Game Snack

When Barcelona took on Villareal in 2014, Dani Alves demonstrated to the World one of the classiest and powerful ways to combat racism from the fans, which is to remove power from them.

Alves placed the ball for a corner kick and, in doing so, received a banana by his feet which had been thrown from the stands from what was almost certainly a racist fan looking to make a statement. Alves did not let it get to him, and as cool as anything, picks up the fruit, peals it and proceeds to enjoy a bite before throwing the skin on the ground and getting back to his corner kick. What a boss!

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