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9 Weirdest Animal Pitch Invaders

Animals, much like footballs fans, smell bad, are unpredictable & can quickly disrupt a match! Here are 10 of the best & funniest animal pitch invasions of the lot! 🐖🐅🦏🐕⚽



An old TV saying goes: don’t work with children or animals. Whilst the kids seem to be well behaved enough, the animals certainly aren’t! Here are 10 brilliant instances of animals invading the pitch and the hilarious attempts to catch them! Enjoy.

9. Dog Craps On The Pitch

This dog really has encapsulated the feelings of the fans in the stands. We’ve all at one point or another thought what we’d seen on the pitch was sh*t, but this brave pup actually had the gall to make it literal. Bravo chap, you tell ’em!

8. Chicken Out Here Breaking Ankles

The unseen sequel to Chicken Run is a hell of a show!

Kangaroos have the speed, cats have the agility, but there are few animals who have the turn of pace that chickens possess. Here we see many stewards lose face to a wonderfully athletic chicken, breaking ankles in a manner usually witnessed by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar!

7. Police Dog Steals Ball

Police dogs work hard. Sniffing out drugs at a football match is like using a metal detector in a scrapyard. He’s working long hours and deserves a break! No wonder he escaped his handler and chased after the ball that has been tempting him for 3 seasons now! Good on you little man, run free!

6. Goodison Park Cat

What makes this an epic pitch invasion is both the feline outpacing professional footballers, but also the very witty chants of the Goodison Park faithful! Chants such as “Sign him up” and “You’re not fit to have a cat” can be heard from the stands in a grand display of witticism.

Unfortunately the cat was not awarded a contract to play for the team, but has been offered a coaching role in the 2019/20 setup. He’s yet to issue a statement or agree on personal terms.

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