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10 Times Ghost ‘Snipers’ Targeted Football Players

The funniest 10 dives by players who look like they’ve been shot by an imaginary ‘sniper’ somewhere in the gantry! 🎯💦🤦‍♂️



Whilst creating our ‘20 Most Embarrassing Dives In Football History‘ article, we noticed a strange trend in the diving and simulation attributes of many of these players. That is, many look as if they have been targeted by an imaginary sniper – conveniently always in or around the box. For this reason, we felt it our duty to out these charlatans! Here are 10 of those who were unfortunate enough to be sniped mid-match. Enjoy!

10. De Rossi 2010 World Cup

Here, Italy’s Daniele De Rossi was targeted out of nowhere, and at the worst time too. Could they not have waited until after the 2010 World Cup? Poor guy. 😂

9. Atletico Junior vs América

Emerson Acuña could not have picked a worse time to be ‘sniped’. Just as he enters the box, he’s taken out. Shocking!

8. Mariano at Lyon

Mariano is our next victim. Once again, inside the box, he is cruelly picked out from the gantries.

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