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10 Greatest Pitch Invasions Ever

Pitch Invaders can disrupt, entertain… and even arouse (#10 & #1), but which were the 10 best??? 😂⚽💥❌



Pitch invaders interrupt games. They stop proceedings, make a scene, get tackled, get removed from the stadium and often criminally charged. But not all are made in the same mould.

Some use their invading skills for protest, others for promotion, and some because they drank far too much, or consumed to much ‘coke-acola’ that they can’t help but make a mad dash and club a player from behind. For better or worse, here are 10 of the greatest pitch invasions ever!

10. 2019 Champions League Final

If there’s one thing football fans love more than football, tit’s pitch invaders! Yes, big, round, curvy titch invaders! Sometimes you just need to pop to the loo, other times for a beer. Pitch invaders such as this variety in the Champions League final provide excellent relief for fans on both sides of the stadium.

9. Jack Grealish Sucker Punched

What makes this one of the greatest pitch invasions ever is not the lout who sucker punched Jack Grealish, but the judge who punished him with 14 weeks in prison! You love to see it.

8. Slips One, Dodges The Other… AND HE SCORES!

Not all pitch invaders were created equal. With Russia 4-0 up against Luxembourg, few can hardly be overly annoyed at this pitch invader who managed to give two stewards the slip as if he was a pro NFL player. The cherry on top of the cake was certainly him using his body to score himself a goal!

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