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10 Cringiest Examples of Footballer Acting

There are no Oscars to be earned here, just shame and regret! Here are 10 examples of some of the worst football acting you’ve see since the Goal! movies (only kidding – those were lowkey 🔥)



Not everyone can be a Vinnie Jones or an Eric Cantona. Some players just aren’t cut out for acting or Hollywood fame.

Here we have listed 10 extremely embarrassing examples of poor football acting for your viewing pleasure!

10. Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

This is either the best piece of acting of our generation, or the worst. I can’t quite decide. If you think Neymar’s World Cup dive of 2018 was bad, this scrapes through the bottom of the barrel into the cesspit of shame. Not even a Limp Bizkit title can save it!

9. Pure Agony

We shouldn’t laugh at this one. The poor lad spent 4 months in the intensive care unit with a fractured ego. His family want you to know he’s making a spirited, speedy recovery and wants to thank his fans for sticking with him through this difficult period (footage provided by Ricky from Leeds with his Sony Ericsson).

8. Steven Taylor Handball

We should admire the courage of Taylor for even attempting to persuade the referee this wasn’t a handball! He’d probably make a better goalkeeper than actor in all honesty!

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