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10 Cringiest Examples of Footballer Acting

There are no Oscars to be earned here, just shame and regret! Here are 10 examples of some of the worst football acting you’ve see since the Goal! movies (only kidding – those were lowkey 🔥)



7. Not Such An ‘Angel Has Fallen’

You can’t help but feel sympathy for this man. He had dreams of Hollywood success after his career in football. He’s been working on his Robert De Niro impression and his George Clooney smugness, but it was all to no avail. 4 years later he found himself starring in the Bollywood remake of ‘Dude Where’s My Car’. Needless to say it was a Bollywood hit!

6. Vintage Acting

The swan dive was his aim, the belly flop is what he achieved! We hope you enjoy every one of the 36 pixels in this vintage clip!

5. Certified Concussion

The magic of this piece of acting courtesy of Kyle Lafferty is the delay in his response. If you’re going to dive Kyle, make it responsive!

4. Went Down Like A Lift

And the Academy Award goes to……….. Not this guy! Really though, is he aware there are many, many cameras trained on the pitch at any one time? 4K, full-frame, beautifully crisp and clear camera shots with the capabilities of slow-mo? I imagine he does now!

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