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10 Biggest Pitch Invader Takedowns

Pitch invaders are both hilarious and a total nuisance. The only thing funnier though, is when they’re mullered by the stewards! ⚽🥊💥



Pitch invaders fit very much into the ‘love them or hate them’ category of football fans. Sometimes, they disrupt games and annoy supporters. Other times, fans cheer as they dip and doge their way around stewards. Whether love or hate probably depends on whether they’re a fan or your side or the opposition.

For those who dislike the pitch invader, sink your teeth into this list of 10 of the greatest takedowns of all time! We’ve got athletic stewards, players and even managers who’ve got stuck in. Number 1 deserves to make it into some kind of UFC or WWE hall of fame as a honorary member!

10. Hulk SMASH!

This steward don’t play no games. He’s been waiting and training for this very moment since the first day he pulled on that orange vest. And boy did he make the most of it!

9. Player Rugby Tackles Pitch Invader

Sometimes players lose their patience and take matters into their own hands. This example during a Colombia vs Chile match is a wonderful example of the grab, hold and roll technique.

8. Finish him!

After watching his two colleagues fail miserably at apprehending the pitch invader, orange jacket #3 engages takedown mode and slams him to the ground! Surely a highlight of his steward career!

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