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You’ve Been Framed: Football I

The cult British classic TV show has now been adapted by ourselves, except without the iconic Harry Hill commentary, however we’ve maintained the over-sized collars! Here are 10 clips of utter hilarity from the world of football! 👔⚽🎥😂



If you’re not from the UK and don’t know what You’ve Been Framed is, it’s essentially a home video clip show which displays funny moments such as elderly people tripping over garden furniture, kids falling backwards off a swing-set and overweight people monumentally failing at rope swings. Any clip which features a mistake or humourous moment is likely to feature on the show!

It’s a real cult classic in the UK, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a You’ve Been Framed football series in which we feature the slips, falls, hits, slaps, knocks and general funny moments from the world of football! Enjoy!

10. Massive Bulge

This is why you should always

9. Struck In The Face

If you’re not paying attention at a football match – particularly if you’re located behind the goal – this is possible! Remember: be aware, remain visuals, stop, drop and roll.

8. Kangaroo Invasion

A kangaroo invades the pitch in Australia. What else did you expect?

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