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10 Strangest Moments In Football History

Football is full of amazing moments, but some are just so extraordinary that they will always be remembered in the history books. Here are 10 of the weirdest/strangest/incredible moments in football! 😮😖🤷🏼‍♂️⚽



We all love football for the spectacular and incredible moments that you can hardly believe with your own eyes. Whether that’s a Ronaldo 40-yard free kick against Arsenal or a Wayne Rooney overhead kick to win the game against his side’s biggest rivals, football is set up for moments.

However, some moments are rarer and more unbelievable than most, and in this article we have collated 10 moments which will blow your mind for their obscurity and randomness. Enjoy!

10. Ball Hits Spider Cam Twice In Seconds

We’re all familiar with the bird’s-eye view provided by the spider cam, that beautifully smooth tracking aerial shot we see usually at international competitions, but recently more so in domestic leagues. Whilst it provides fantastic footage, it can also be a nuisance, well at least to this team.

Unbelievably, this goalkeeper hits the spider cam TWICE within seconds from two consecutive goal kicks. Once would be very random but twice in a matter of seconds is something else!

9. Beach Ball Assist

This famous moment enraged and enthused the masses at the time. Darren Bent of Sunderland takes a shot in a game against Liverpool which ricochets off a beach ball that had been thrown by a Liverpool fan. The shot resulted in a goal which was allowed by the referee. Despite much controversy afterwards, a rematch was ruled out. The fact it was a Liverpool fan and a Liverpool branded beach ball meant the irony of the situation was at magnitude 8. VAR anyone?

8. Pitch Invader vs Pitch Invader

Pitch invaders are rare. But what’s better than one pitch invader? That’s right. Two pitch invaders. What’s better than two pitch invaders? You guessed it. One pitch invader punching the other pitch invader! This is a real treat!

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