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10 Strangest Moments In Football History

Football is full of amazing moments, but some are just so extraordinary that they will always be remembered in the history books. Here are 10 of the weirdest/strangest/incredible moments in football! 😮😖🤷🏼‍♂️⚽



7. Diana Ross Takes A Penalty & Misses

Rather controversially, the USA hosted the 1994 World Cup. Many argued a nation which does not have much of an interest in ‘soccer’ should not be hosting the crown jewel of international football competitions. And whilst many complained, it turns out right from the start it may have been a wise decision.

The opening ceremony featured a typically American take on sports entertainment, but chief among them was 50-year-old Diana Ross (a famous singer at the time for the younger audience) who for some reason was tasked with ending her routine with a penalty kick against a keeper whose job it was to let it enter his net. The only problem was, could she hit the target? The video tells all.

6. Real Bear Mascot

Mascots have been a mainstay in English football for a few decades now. Usually it’s a man inside a mascot outfit of varying designs, such as devils, swans, hammers & lions. This bear mascot, however, is real. Whilst oddly amusing and clearly a novelty, this is clearly animal cruelty and should not be condoned by the footballing world, including this website.

If anything, lets take this moment to raise awareness for bear mistreatment the world over! #MascotBearsOnly

5. Stray Doggy Goalkeeper

This truly bizarre clip comes courtesy of the Argentinian third division, where it seems a stray dog performs a miraculous and heroic save for his local side!

4. Fouled By Advertising Board

Wind makes for some spectacular moments, as you’ll see later in this article, but this moment was both incredible and terrifying. Strong winds picked up to such an extent that the advertising hoardings were torn away from their boards and slung across the pitch. Unfortunately players were occupying the pitch at the time and some were struck by the boards.

How heavy they are we don’t know, but there’s no doubt it was some hit! Got to give credit where it’s due though, that advertising board spectacularly fouled the unsuspecting player!

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