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The Worst Kits of the Premier League Era

The English Top Division has seen its fair share of awful football kits, mostly from the 1990’s where taste apparently went out the window! Here are the worst of the bunch! 🤢⚽️👕



Since the World’s most exciting and competitive major football league begun in 1992, we’ve seen all manor of kits worn by the clubs involved. Many thought the beginning of the 90’s spelled creativity and freedom for club kits, with the basic colours and lack of exuberance of the 1980’s and earlier a thing of the past.

They did not, however, bargain for those freedoms to be extended so far that clubs would cement their place in history for donning some of the most hideous and embarrassing kits of all time! Here are a list of the 12 worst of the Premier League era! (Not advised for those with weak stomachs!)

12. Blackburn Rovers (1996-97 Away)

Wanted: Asics. Crime: This absolute eyesore. With garish yellow/green beneath a chaotic and messy amalgamation of Blackburn and Asics logos, you can only credit players like Colin Hendry above for having the courage to be seen in public with it.

11. Manchester United (1992-93 Away)

Not even suave Frenchman Eric Cantona could make this mess look good!

10. Norwich City (1992-94 Home)

This monstrosity was the home kit of Norwich City between 1992 and 1994. Perhaps the only highlight of this kit for Norwich fans was beating the European heavyweight Bayern Munich 2-1 at Olympiastadion in Munich, 1993.

9. Middlesbrough (1996-97 Away)

Boro in the nineties were an interesting team to follow. They endured promotion, relegation, promotion again and cup finals. They were also lucky enough to be home to players like Juninho and Emerson, who presumably decided to depart the club to save their reputation after seeing this disastrous attempt at a football kit, even for 90’s standards!

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