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Biggest Tat Currently Sold By Premier League Clubs



15. Liverpool USB

Liverpool USB

Credit: Buy Here

A Liverpool USB 16GB pen drive with USB 3.0 for ultra-fast speeds and backwards compatibility which is also compatible with PCs, Macs and works for all current major operating systems is the dream solution to storing all your favourite memories of times gone by.

Or, perhaps in light of recent successes, the masses of photos you took of your trip to Madrid where in no way did Fat Ricky consumed any banned substances and of course Dangerous Dave committed no any criminal damage to the local tapas bar. We all know Liverpool fans are the gems of English football!

14. Old Trafford Beach Towel

Old Trafford Beach Towel

Credit: Buy Here

What better way to honour the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ than by sitting your wet chlorine-drenched a*se on it, placed delicately on a sun lounger you woke up at 4am to secure on your next trip to Mallorca?!

13. West Ham Gold Medal

West Ham Gold Medal

Credit: Buy Here

You’ve got to go back many decades to see a West Ham player with a gold medal around his neck, but as West Ham say on this listing on their website “celebrate a win in style”. Yes, because if you can’t win trophies, why not celebrate a match by gifting your mate a cheap gold medal?!

They claim the product is “bringing together the history of the Olympic stadium with it’s new legacy as the home of the Irons”. Ok, sign me up.

12. Sheffield United Fruit Drops

Sheffield United Fruit Drops

Credit: Buy Here

It’s well known that kids hate sweets. So if your kid is struggling to stay off the steamed veg, why not entice them with this tin of fruit drops featuring his or her favourite club players?!

11. Southampton Sticky Notes

Southampton Sticky Notes

Credit: Buy Here

Don’t worry, your screen and/or eyes aren’t broken. These 10-year-old beer mat-looking sticky notes are actually being sold by the club. Whilst its understandable that the logo isn’t in full colour considering its purpose, you just can’t help looking at that and thinking ‘what a load of crap’.

Why must I always need to show my support for a team, even in the monotonous moments where I need to remind myself to email Karen about next month’s work trip to Milton Keynes?

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