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England Fans Being England Fans

England fans are one of a kind! You either love them or hate them, but there is no denying they’re a witty & entertaining lot! ⚪👑⚽🍺🎶



The England fans are a rare breed. They’re beer-obsessed, love a singalong, up for a laugh, very witty & revel in traveling abroad to support their side.

We hear all the time, whether rightly or wrongly, how terribly bad and yobbish the English fans are abroad. Whilst undeniably we’ve seen some unsavoury and regrettable moments from the fans, we don’t see nearly as much publicity offered up for the good moments and friendly fun England fans share with each other, rivals fans and the locals.

So here we’ve listed 10 moments of England fans being England fans in the most typical way possible!

10. You’re sh*t, But Your Birds Are Fit

A perfect example here of the wonderful wit of the England supporters. Abuse followed by a compliment and slight self-deprecation. You love to see it.

9. 30,000 England Fans Erupt

This is the first ever No. 5 scale eruption ever caught on camera in mainland Great Britain! As England score in the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup, fans back at home – 30,000 no less – who’d gathered in London’s Hype Park to watch the match, erupted in applause and celebration for their team.

Customarily, beer was throw skywards and everyone therefore covered in a lovely sticky coating of Carling for the rest of the day. It wouldn’t be a World Cup without it!

8. Singing Robbie Williams – Angels

It’s no secret that the England fans love a singalong, but few tunes get the boys excited more than singer/songwriter and ex member of Take That’s Robbie Williams – Angels. When the English hear a banger, they’re duty-bound to sing along.

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