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10 Times Ireland Proved To Have The Nicest Fans

Ireland has an enviable reputation as the World’s best/most respectful/dignified football fans, but why? Here are 10 reasons! ☘️🙌👏⚽



German football journalist Stephan Reich of cult German football magazine 11Freunde, said of the Irish fans and their side’s qualification to Euro 2016:

“The qualification of the Irish is a godsend. The Boys in green can celebrate like no other nation, always peaceful, always sympathetic and emphatic, with an infectious, childlike joy. They’ll bring huge numbers of good-humoured people prepared to experience a piece of joy. Football is also about life. And the Irish are the best proof.”

This brilliantly sums up the reputation of the Irish fans around the world. Known as the most well behaved, humorous and respectful fans out there, the Irish love an opportunity to show the world how football should be supported. No riots, no violence and no crime, these guys have one aim and that is to support their side and enjoy themselves, but not at the expense of others. You have to respect that!

Here are 10 examples of the brilliance of the Irish fans:

10. Singing To Parisian On His Balcony

This Parisian probably didn’t expect to see a hoard of Irish football fans gather beneath his balcony back in 2016. As evidenced by the clip, whenever his face made an appearance from above as he approached the balcony, fans cheered! It’s an amusing clip which shows the frivolity of the Irish!

9. Serenading a French Girl

This young lady clearly caught the eye of the Irish fans in France, so much so that they serenaded her with a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘I love you baby’ to her utter joy!

8. “Cleaning Up For The Boys In Green”

It’s a well known trait for football fans to create a mess, and a lot of noise, and then leave whatever lies in their wake. The Irish, however, are different. In this clip we see the Irish fans sing “Cleaning up for the boys in green” as they clean up the streets collectively after a night of celebration. Respect for that!

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