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10 Times Ireland Proved To Have The Nicest Fans

Ireland has an enviable reputation as the World’s best/most respectful/dignified football fans, but why? Here are 10 reasons! ☘️🙌👏⚽



7. Serenading A Nun

These Irish fans aboard a train to a match made a nun’s day by serenading her with Our Father as she makes her way back to her seat, a moment she no doubt still cherishes to this day!

6. Singing Lullabies to a French Baby

Another sweet chant, or hushed group song, is this example of the Irish fans at Euro 2016 singing lullabies to a french baby aboard a Bordeaux train. A lovely moment the parents no doubt remember and a prime example of the empathy which Reich describes.

5. Helping A French Local Change Flat Tyre

Just when you thought they’d done enough already, the Irish go one step further by helping our locals with their flat tyre. No wonder the Irish are loved the World over!

4. “Go Home To Your Sexy Wives”

A slightly different take on England’s ‘you’re sh*t but your birds are fit’ chant, this version by the Irish is equally fun and self deprecating in turn.

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