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15 Worst Pieces of Cr*p Club Merchandise Ever

From garden furniture to plant pots, football clubs come out with some tat! But what is the worst of the worst??? 🥣💩🤢👕



In the time since football clubs were, you know…. football clubs, they have transitioned into being fully fledged businesses, many of which even floated on the stock exchange. At this point, profit – and not on-pitch performance – started to become a priority.

One of many unfortunate side effects of this is cheap, tacky merch which, for some reason, the club believes becomes desirable just for having their logo on it. Believing for some reason they are Gucci or Moncler, football clubs shamelessly buy cheap products from China and print their logo on it.

This endless need to further profits can sometimes go a little far and veer into the realm of mockery. Here we feature 15 of the worst excuses for merch you’re likely to find anywhere on earth!

15. West Brom Chef Hat

Credit: Source

For the West Brom fans who have to work their catering job on a Saturday but get out just in time to make it to The Hawthorns for kick off.

14. Everton World Travel Adapter

Credit: Source

A travel adapter… really? Even fans who travel to watch one of Everton’s many, frequent European Cup matches….. this is only partly useful.

I suppose if you find yourself in the club shop or browsing their online store and happen to be going on holiday soon, you might spend 3 times as much to have one stocked by your favourite football club!

13. Boleyn Ground Foam Hand

Credit: Source

Lost for words? Yep. That’s the correct reaction. What better way to commemorate the closing of your historic stadium than making bloody foam hands out of it?! And for only £6? It’s easy now to see how they afforded the London Stadium….

12. Stoke City Tape Measure

Credit: Source

You know, for those moments when you need to measure something but must at all costs also show off your support for your club!

11. Tottenham Hotspur Garter

Credit: Source

I suppose if your husband is a big enough Spurs fan, this would elicit the same reaction from him that you’d expect from rattling your dog’s treat jar an hour or so before din-dins.

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